The stones breathe. Once every thousand years , and our life is too short to perceive it.

Handmade made in Italy

Lamp, fireplace, stone, all in one design

who does not dream of sitting in front of an open fire on long winter evenings? what in our great-grandmother’s time was nothing out of the ordinary and tended to be a poor source of heat is nowadays a luxury. the combustion chamber with its ceramic foam inside guarantees an especially attractive, even set of flames and simple operation down to the last drop. its sophisticated design allows free-standing operation wherever it is desired.

Exclusive design

Made by master fire and stone craftsmen it is a unique and high design product. a structure made entirely of stone carved by hand and extracted from the millenary caves of the province of Lecce, an Italian city famous for its Baroque


The accurate LED technology that lights the lamps is discreetly integrated between the glass modules. Almost unnoticeable, but ready to take action at nightfall. On long evenings of protracted work, or when you linger with a book, it is the ally that creates the perfect atmosphere

Exclusive forms

Our project was born from stone. We wanted to create an object with a unique design in its field, crafted by traditional stone masons, who put passion into their sculptures.
The end result is Firestone, a bioethanol fireplace, a lamp and a work of art.